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Teaching martial arts techniques in Kalamazoo, MI

Learn Okinawan Martial Arts Techniques in Kalamazoo, MI

Martial arts training instills confidence and discipline in people of all ages. Okinawan Karate Academy's students become more confident, skilled, and relaxed in any situation, whether they are in danger or are completing a task they've never done before. Learn Okinawan martial arts techniques in Kalamazoo, MI, from the masters of the art at Okinawan Karate Academy.

Our highly experienced instructors provide effective martial arts training to students of all ages. Through advanced teachings and an atmosphere of encouragement, we inspire inner growth and focus.Our highly experienced instructors provide effective martial arts training to students of all ages. Through advanced teachings and an atmosphere of encouragement, we inspire inner growth and focus.

This comprehensive training offers a disciplined fitness regimen and an understanding of the art of self-defense. With its myriad of physical benefits, martial arts is widely known to enhance our mental health as well. With improved confidence, assertiveness, and alertness, a transformation can start to emerge.

Opening a Path to Enlightenment

Okinawan Karate Academy is very passionate about teaching the significance of a positive mind, body, and spirit. With an acute understanding of the rewards this achievement brings, our team wants to guide our clients to stay the course, focus on their path, and head towards a healthy lifestyle.


Uechi-Ryu is a traditional style of Okinawan Karate that remains very popular today. You will benefit physically and emotionally from training at an established karate dojo like Okinawan Karate Academy. We’ve been instructing students in the precise art of Uechi-Ryu karate since 1980 and can help you master these techniques to boost your confidence and enhance your life in so many ways. When you wonder about “martial arts masters near me,” look no further than Okinawan Karate Academy.

The Katas Of Uechi-Ryu

Learn the katas of Uechi-Ryu in Kalamazoo, MI

A kata is a set of prearranged karate movements that are designed to develop particular abilities in the karate student. It is from kata that all karate techniques and principles come. There are eight katas in Uechi-Ryu karate, but Sanchin - the most basic karate kata - develops the rational principles that are necessary to truly understand karate.


At first glance, Sanchin may appear to be a simple exercise, consisting of basic movements. However, it is a form of moving meditation that teaches the student to blend the physical, mental, and spiritual. The name Sanchin translates to three conflicts or three steps. The emphasis of Sanchin is placed on mental principles, but basic physical principles are taught too. The remaining seven katas are sometimes called the fighting katas because they show the self-defense aspects of Uechi-Ryu more clearly than Sanchin. All of these advanced movements are derived from the seemingly simple moves of Sanchin.

The learning of these fighting katas, or martial arts techniques, means much more than just memorizing the movements and doing them in the same sequence that you were taught. The student must be able to actually use each technique effectively.

This learning process can never be rushed. The student must take the time to study each movement and see how it can be applied not only by itself but in conjunction with the preceding action and the following movement. This is quite important - solely for the reason that there may not be just one application for each movement. While doing kata, one must try to visualize each technique in an actual circumstance.

Directions for Dojo Activity

  1. The Martial Arts Begin & End With Respect
  2. Bow Upon Entering & Leaving the Dojo, Indicating Your Respect for the Training Hall
  3. Follow the Instructions That Are Given By the Instructor & Your Seniors
  4. Make the Best Use Of Training Time Given In Class & Limit Unnecessary Talking
  5. Practice In a Business-Like Manner
  6. Always Keep Your Body & Your Gi Clean
  7. You Are Responsible for Proper Conduct Inside & Outside Of the Dojo
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Instructions for Students

  1. The purpose of studying Uechi-Ryu karate is to develop the student (karateka) into a healthy, well-coordinated person both physically and mentally. We train and study martial arts techniques to master the weaponless art of self-defense.
  2. The karateka must always be on his or her best behavior—taking a modest attitude toward others, setting great value on courtesy among people, being careful of their speech and actions, and being diligent in their study.
  3. The karateka must not become a nuisance to others by using harsh language and committing violence towards others.
  4. The karateka must not bring disgrace—even in the slightest degree—to their own school, Uechi-Ryu, and themselves by making shameful and rude comments or actions.
  5. The karateka must not be self-absorbed and shouldn't run to the easy and idle way of life. He or she must make a constant effort to continue hard work, enabling them to fill their mind with the vigor of life.

The General Principles Of Karate

Control Over Oneself
One must first be able to control oneself before attempting to control others. Without a good balance and control of oneself, you can neither avoid an attack nor apply effective martial arts techniques on others.

Principle Of Oneness
A person must always keep in mind of becoming one with the attack. Regardless of the type of attack, you must join with it. It is not how strong you are. How correct you are is what counts. One shouldn't be watching others doing kata, but paying attention to your own kata. If you are watching someone else doing kata, you can't be one with your own martial arts techniques.

Range Of Effectiveness
The best way to defend yourself against an attack is to get out of the opponent's range of effectiveness. You can back up, sidestep, or circle around inside of the attack, but you must maintain your range of effectiveness at all times. Our karate master can help you learn the most effective self-defense.

Honor Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

At Okinawan Karate Academy, we’re committed to helping all clients find inner balance and peace. By providing the foundations and training to build on existing strength and determination, our mission to create a positive impact on people of all ages. Embarking on a journey towards enlightenment takes courage, perseverance, and guidance from a trained professional.

Through effective martial arts training, we want to share the value of a healthy lifestyle. With discipline, respect, and loyalty, we encourage everyone to become empowered with a positive mind, body, and spirit.